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An Inspirational Book
that Empowers

In Mercifully Redeemed, A Journey from Despair to True Freedom, the author lays bare her otherwise hidden past held captive by despair. She describes how quieting herself during the pandemic led her to a path quite familiar yet untrodden due to her other preoccupations. As she walked down this path, she found herself gradually freed from the chains of her past to be who God created her to be by living her life to the fullest. As she narrates her story, she empowers you to discover and traverse your own journey to true freedom while availing of untapped help along the way.

Available in paperback (Canada, US and the Philippines) and eBook versions

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About the Author

Karen King Tan writes to process her thoughts. She unwittingly authored her first book, supposedly about the events of her parents' sudden passing, until it evolved to become a testimony of God's mercy in her life. Born and raised with Catholic education in Manila, Philippines, she and her husband migrated to Canada, where their three children were born. A recovered workaholic, she now balances her time with family, work, ministry, and self-care. Aside from relishing silly nothings with her husband and kids, she also enjoys Zumba, playing mah jong for fun, and her long list of comfort food.

My Books
Advance Praise

Karen's story is poignant and powerful...Her struggles, questions, and raw introspections spoke to me and helped me to process my own struggles...Witnessing her journey of growth is a joy and a study on how we all should trust God in everything.


Pillar of her family, CEO of growing in her trust in God

 Advance Praise for Mercifully Redeemed

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