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The Story Behind the Book Cover

Most of you may have assumed that I did a photoshoot purposely for the book cover. Well…

The leading had been to use a photo taken by my cousin-in-law who has posted many great shots. Chilling in their house one Sunday afternoon when there was a blackout in our neighborhood, I perused the photo collection on his computer but found nothing except birds.

But I went away imagining my book cover to show the blue sky with a touch of green. It has a summer feel.

As I continued thinking about the book cover, I received from a friend an image of a lady with her arms outstretched - depicting joy and freedom. I knew that the book cover would have a similar image. We attempted to select from a number of options, but nothing stood out.

After a few months, it suddenly dawned on me that Joel actually took a picture of me with such a pose during our vacation at Blue Mountain the past summer. When I showed it to my book cover team, they unanimously agreed that this was exactly the image for the book cover, especially as the book talks about my story.

Not my plan; not my preference given how shy I am, but if such is the will of God as manifested through the chain of events and people, then I obeyed.

So, no, I didn’t have a photoshoot just for the book cover, but God blessed us with the perfect weather when the shot was taken because He already had this image in mind for the book cover.

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